Reproduction of Sash with Curved Window Glass

Reproduction of Sash with Curved Window Glass

The towers and turrets which are so representative of Victorian architecture are dependent for their dramatic effect on the curvature of the wall surface and, by extension, the window surface. This, of course, is a difficult effect to achieve and maintain in the medium of glass and millwork. When we came on this Newton project, 2 windows had already been replaced with sash without curved glass. A previous replacement tried to subsitute a faceted radius for a continuous curve. You can note the effect of these substitutions, below.

We replaced these windows with true curved reproduction windows which completed the effect that the architect intended, as seen in the above photo. Cleary and Son can source glass in any radius necessary for restoration work. We then furnished a complete restoration to the balance of the curved windows and, to complete the project, equipped them all with curved storm windows!

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