Full Restoration of Curved Window Sash

Full Restoration of Curved Window Sash

This dramatic Victorian home, as sen in the photo above, presented a wide range of window types requiring restoration, including a large number of curved sash. All operable windows received Cleary and Son's mechanical restoration. The curved windows, however, required a full in shop window restoration. We also performed restoration of many of the exterior window casings and sills, removing the storms where necessary.

Due to water penetration into the walls, some of the windows required even more extensive repairs, including jamb replacement. The source of the water penetration turned out to be a defect in the gutter and adjacent roofing. Cleary and Son, Inc. made the necessary repairs using a roofing tradesman who has done work for us for many years. We don't seek out work apart from window restoration, but we are qualified and motivated to do whatever it takes to insure that our project is complete and that our client is completely satisfied.

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